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How to raise a bilingual child – guide for parents

Our guide is the perfect companion on your journey to raise a bilingual child. It will give you confidence as a parent and answers many of your questions. How does a child’s languages develop? What can you do to support your bilingual child? In our guide you will also find lots of practical tips and activities to help your child become a proud bilingual.


Bilingual upbringing - facts and myths (short videos)

This series of easy-to-follow videos will separate facts from myths and show you what you need to know about bi- and multilingualism.

5 myths debunked

5 tips to keep your child motivated

Language resources for bilingual families

Online collection of materials in all 24 EU official languages to support the development of children’s language skills. 

PEaCH Resources

Please read our guide for ideas on how to use the PEaCH resources.

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