We are proud to present our PEaCH Ambassadors in the EU and across the world.

The PEaCH Ambassadors support the PEaCH Project’s positive message about bilingualism and will alongside PEaCH share relevant information about raising bilingual and multilingual children.

If you want to know more about the PEaCH Ambassador Network, please contact us

European Union


Name Languages
Laura Marin-Sommerauer Spanish, German, English, Italian
Emma Stinson
Language teacher
English, German


Name Languages
Mélanie Ferro
Speech and Language Therapist
French, English, Italian
Anna Komzáková
Czech, English, French, Swedish
Jana Liebau
Interpreter, translator, language tutor
German, English, French
Niina Mäkinen Finnish, French, English
Ana Elisa Miranda
Language and learning support teacher
Portuguese, English, Dutch
Renke Sevenants
Speech and Language Therapist
Dutch, English, French
Nathalie van den Berch van Heemstede
Managing Director at Kids&Us Wavre
French, English
Pauline van der Straten Waillet
Speech and Language Therapist
French, English, Franco-Belgian sign language
Emma Van Horenbeeck
Speech and Language Therapist
Dutch, English


Name Languages
Silviya Kostova Bulgarian, English, Spanish


Name Languages
Ana Lončarić Kostrenčić
Language teacher
Croatian, English, Italian


Name Languages
Christina May Evangelou
Speech and Language Therapist
Greek, English, French

Czech Republic

Name Languages
Leidy Arenas
Language teacher
Spanish, English, Czech
Eva Vahlström
Language teacher trainee
Czech, English

8-11 NOV

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6-9 pm Central European Time